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At Cycle House our passionate and renowned team live and breathe everything to do with cycling. From the best bikes to the most reliable accessories you can find the right product to suit your needs and requirements. For many years we have helped countless Melbourne cyclists improve their ride with our specialised and hand-selected bicycle accessories. As any cyclist who has ridden a bike will tell you, you need the right shoes when pedalling for a prolonged period of time. Expertly designed and manufactured to provide superior support and aid in the repetitive motion of pedalling bike shoes can reduce fatigue and allow cyclists to pedal more efficiently.

Always adopting the latest and most effective products to help you have a better ride the team at Cycle House stock outstanding bike shoes for cyclists across Melbourne. Whether you are riding to and from work, or going on sprawling long rides, our selection of clip-in shoes are designed to directly transfer the push of your foot into the motion of the pedal, increasing the power of your pedalling for greater efficiency.

To view our full range of clip in bike shoes or to learn more about the benefits of our bike shoes Melbourne based customers can call us today on (03) 9434 2225.

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