2017 Giant Bikes

Founded in 1972 the team of specialist bicycle manufacturers at Giant have an intimate understanding of the needs, desires, and requirements of both casual and professional riders. Whether cycling on trails, urban environments, or open rural roads. For decades they have refined and adapted the design and composition of the frames of their bicycle models for increased performance, stability, and durability. Dedicated to delivering the best and most reliable makes and models of performance bikes the passionate team at Cycle House have a wide range of giant bikes for sale for Melbourne cyclists of all ages and interest levels.

Giant Bikes Melbourne

Committed to meeting all the needs and requirements of our customers Cycle House has an enviable selection of renowned Giant bike models specifically designed for the highest levels of performance and reliability available. Giant was founded under the core principles of craftsmanship, innovation, and inspiration. This focus has translated well into their outstanding products. To learn more about how Cycle House’s range of Giant Bikes can be well suited to your needs or to discuss your cycling needs with our knowledgeable team feel free to call us today on (03) 9434 2225. Don’t delay, jump on your bike today!

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