Mongoose Kos Kruiser 2013

Over the past few years, Mongoose have re-released the KOS KRUISER 26 inch BMX and 2013 is no different.  This years bike will have the old school BMX rider pretty excited.  The bike really grabs at the heart strings of retro BMX fans in it's 'True' white colour.

A Little Background.

During the late 70's to early 80's in American BMX racing, Jeff 'KOS' Kosmala would line up at the starting line on his 'KOS KRUISER'  and the other competitors would try and figure out who was going to get second.  In 1980, Jeff won 21 out of 24 National races, the ABA National title, the NBA National title and the JAG World Championships.  To this day there is not a more dominating year in the sport by one rider.  The KOS KRUISER is the most winning BMX of all time.

If you want to own this blast from the past, give us a call or drop into the shop and check out the 2013 Edition of the KOS KRUISER. You'll definitely take home your piece of BMX racing history!

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