Cycling Nutrition

Staying well hydrated along with the right nutrition will help maintain performance whilst on long rides and increase your performance over all.

Here are a few tips on how to use nutrition to your advantage. From preparation to recovery.

  • Without going too far into your diet, It is most important to be well fuelled and well hydrated before you set off on any ride especially longer distances.
  • Remember to take a lot of water/electrolytes with you on the ride.
  • Take frequent small sips to maintain hydration
  •  Pre plan your eating whilst on the ride, with different foods such as bananas, gels, and bars. being strategic about your eating whilst on the ride will help you in the long run. for example take a bar about 20min before you get to a climb as bars will breakdown in the body slower, then take a gel just before you start the climb. this will give you almost immediate energy for the task ahead. same goes for sprints. (remember those small sips of water)
  • Post ride it is important to restore the body with proteins and rehydrate for faster recovery. (The faster your recovery the sooner you can get back on your bike at your ultimate performance level).

Here is a small clip demonstrating good nutrition whilst riding.



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