AMS Crank Defender All Mountain Style Black

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  • Bicycle Crank Arm Boots Protect your Carbon crank arms from scratches and dents with Crank Defender from All Mountain Style.

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Sold as a pair these handy crank arm guards are designed to work with most carbon cranks on the market. They're also compatible with some aluminium cranks. An Elegant Crank Protection Solution All Mountain Style (AMS) Crank Defenders are intended to fit snugly so debris won't catch between the Defender and your crank arm. They're made from TPU material (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and designed to be strong and durable enough to provide a long service life while protecting your Carbon crank investment from depreciation with attractively elegant style. Eliminate Pedal Strike Damage Although most cranks are strong and tough enough for any kind of ride it’s inevitable that pedal strikes and debris will chip away at the end of the crank arm. These handy "boots" help to combat the wear and tear that comes with high level usage without the need to alter your riding technique. All Mountain Style Crank Defenders slip easily over the end of your crank arms after you remove the pedals.


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