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Designed To Be Lightweight And Fast The Vento's lightweight, all-new aerodynamic design is engineered to go faster with no compromise. Built for those who want more than just marginal gains, the Lazer Vento KinetiCore Road Helmet provides superior comfort thanks to the ScrollSys adjustment system that lets you alter the fit on the move with a simple scroll of the belt.

No Compromise Developed in collaboration with pro riders, the Vento minimises drag and boosts speed without compromises in weight or comfort. The result is Lazer's fastest road helmet ever. Designed to be fastest in a sprint position at a 15° angle, airflow is optimised to help you increase speed and progress up the leaderboards. Add to this Lazer's innovative Venturi Effect Ventilation System that channels hot air out of the rear and the exclusive KinetiCore protection technology, and the result is an amazingly fast, lightweight, comfortable and well-ventilated helmet.

Kineticore Impact Protection Technology KinetiCore by Lazer is the world's first responsibly designed and fully Integrated Rotational Impact Protection technology. It is a technology that is applicable in cycling helmets that allows the helmet to perform better against rotational impacts, while retaining its performance for direct impact and keeping all other helmet properties at top level. In short, it's a helmet that's better by design.

What Are The Benefits Of Kineticore?Impact Protection Offering improved protection that achieved the 'Best Available' and 'Very Good' ratings from Virginia Tech, KinetiCore puts safety first. Integrated Rotational Impact Protection and Controlled Crumple Zones work together to provide forward-thinking impact-absorption, meaning you can ride with confidence.

Lightweight KinetiCore saves grams per helmet based on comparable previous models for example, Jackal KinetiCore M CE weighs 340g, whereas Jackal MIPS M CE weighs 390g. This is achieved by using less material and lighter plastics in the construction of the helmet combined with the fact that KinetiCore is built in rather than added on.

Ventilation Every cyclist is looking for advanced levels of airflow through their helmet, and KinetiCore achieves this via clever positioning of the protective blocks as well as an overall reduction in the amount of material used in construction. The result is increased ventilation and a cooler head.

Reduced Plastics Lazer is constantly examining ways it can make its production process more sustainable. With KinetiCore, they have used less material versus traditional manufacturing while improving performance and they use up to 24% less plastics than previous comparable models.


• KinetiCore crumple zones take the force of the blow

• 2,3% better aerodynamic performance than Lazer Bullet 2.0

• 27% lighter than Bullet 2.0 MIPS M AS

• Silicone eyewear dock grips

• Direct mount rear LED available

• Ergonomic Scrollsys fit system

• Meets Australian safety standards

Specifications • Safety Certification: AS/NZS 2063:2008, CE-CPSC-A

• Small: 52 - 56cm | Medium: 55 - 59cm | Large: 58 - 61cm

• Weight: 300g M AS • Oval fit + round fit


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