PRO Shimano Tool Cassette Wrench 10/11T

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  • Overview
  • PRO Tool 10/11t Sprocket Cassette Wrench - The PRO Cassette Wrench is a cassette installation and removal tool, compatible with cassettes with both 10T and 11T smallest sprockets.

Product details

Designed to provide you with a better sports’ bicycle experience the PRO Cassette Wrench provides an alternative to chain whips. Developed to be used with the PRO Team Lockring Tool it holds the cassette firmly in place, by latching to the teeth of the smallest sprocket while you loosen the cassette’s lockring. It features a long shaft to produce leverage and an ergonomic handle to further enhance ease of use. The PRO Cassette Wrench is compatible with 10T or 11T, smallest sprocket, cassettes.


Designed as an alternative to a chain whip
Developed to be used with the PRO Team Lockring Tool
Long shaft for increased leverage
Ergonomic grip
Available for 10T or 11T sprocket compatibility


Colour: Black
Material: Steel/TPR


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