Shimano Altus M370-SGS 9s Rear Derailleur

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  • Overview
  • The 9-speed Shimano Altus M370 rear derailleur use its MEGA 9 drive train design to deliver smooth, light action shifting performance.

Product details

The distinctively designed HYPERGLIDE sprockets incorporate specially positioned shift ramps and tooth profiles for improved chain control during shifting. Fast and responsive indexed shifting is the result.
The HG cassette sprocket, which was developed for the MTB 10-speed system, underwent comprehensive optimization to achieve super-highly efficient shifting.

SHIMANO’s double servo-panta mechanism enables the rear derailleur to move in an optimum path.
The guide pulley tracks the cogs closely while moving front to back, optimizing each shift. Perfect tracking contributes to the most accurate SIS shifting.

Keeps rear derailleur guide pulley an optimum distance from each sprocket

The 9-speed gear cluster actualizes close ratio gearing without impairing wide gear range.


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