Rockshox Lyrik and Yari A1+ C1 Debonair Upgrade Kit 150mm

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  • Mod your Lyrik or Yari fork to upgrade it to the latest spec with the C1 Debonair Upgrade Kit.

Product details

The new air spring has a longer red foot nut and larger lower seal head which act to make the piston higher in the fork, positioning it right on the dimple that allows air to move between the positive and negative air chambers.

Ok great, but what does that actually mean? The older DebonAir had a bit of a tendency to get sucked down into its travel when the bike was unweighted, so even if it was all set up correctly riders were finding that they often had 5-10mm less travel available than they should have. The new air spring will prevent your fork from being sucked down, so if you have a 160mm air spring, you'll have 160mm of usable travel, not 156mm or so.

Who this for? This version of the C1 DebonAir Upgrade Kit is suitable for riders with an A1+ Lyrik or Yari, 2016 or newer. This kit can be used to either upgrade an older fork to the latest spec, or to change the amount of travel on a current-generation fork.


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